The Future of Artificial Intelligence

One of the future challenges of big data analytics for artificial intelligence includes the role that it plays relative to human judgment.  For example, it was found that human parole boards do much worse than machines powered by artificial intelligence in calculating which dangerous prisoners should be entered back into society.  Similarly, skilled pathologists were not able to beat machine learning algorithms as it related to the diagnosis of breast cancer. Banks are currently delivering advice to wealthy clients using artificial intelligence from a Singapore-based technology company.  In a William Grove study covering 136 different research studies, expert judgment was found to be better than machine learning equivalents in only eight studies.

Business can access more data than ever before but research has found that organizations struggle still to see the bigger picture in terms of organizational priorities. Proper framing and focus relative to the problem that is attempted to be solved has found to be critical earlier on in the process as large data sets continue to grow. Organizations must take a step back to think about what is needed before digging deeper and getting lost in the weeds.

A vital concern as big data continues to grow is that there is still a gap in the literature as it relates to the role of leadership in big data governance effectiveness.  Also, with more pressure likely to increase from the public as the nature of work continues to change, those serving in governing roles are under more scrutiny than ever before.  Despite numerous peer review research findings that have indicated how essential high-level support is to effective big data governance, many governing bodies still do have the necessary knowledge to govern effectively.  However, it does not take a technical mind to understand that the output of machine learning programs is only as good as the inputs.  Inclusion is critical from the beginning especially in representing marginalized voices.  While the future of artificial intelligence certainly will lead to business efficiencies and improved customer service experience, there still is a role for a human touch reflective of our shared vision and values.

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