Developing a Data Warehouse to Support Business Intelligence Analytics

The first step in developing a data warehouse to support a business intelligence program is to develop a plan.  In that plan, it should include some forward-thinking regarding what questions various users from the Board of Directors to frontline staff may ask to ensure that in the design that the functionality will be possible to meet the business objectives of the organization, as well to properly manage expectations at the beginning.

The following provides some general guidance as it relates to building a data warehouse and the foundational aspects of business intelligence programs:

  1. Determine business objectives
  2. Collect and analyze information
  3. Identify core business processes
  4. Construct a conceptual data model
  5. Locate data sources and plan data transformations
  6. Set tracking duration
  7. Implement the plan

Having a thoughtful plan can help ensure that the project is appropriately resourced, saves anticipated costs, as well as ensure that the value that is perceived to be added by the business intelligence program is realized.

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